New Plymouth, New Zealand, 11 September 2020

Two leading companies have unveiled a dynamic new partnership which is set to drive forward ambitious plans for international growth.

New Zealand-based Tumeke Thru Tubing has joined forces with Canadian-headquartered Global Dynamics Inc. to create an exciting collaboration which will act as a springboard for geographic growth and take both organisations from the energy sector into new arenas.

The pair will work together to deliver the ground-breaking SMART-LINK System, an all-encompassing portfolio of e-coil tools which enables enhancement of operations from conventional flow through tool applications to real-time data and electrically actuated downhole tool applications.  Tumeke Thru-Tubing’s tooling, when combined with GDI’s SMART-LINK System, will result in significant cost and time savings for users.

To ensure correct positioning for the best possible delivery of the system, GDI will establish its Asia Pacific head office alongside Tumeke Thru-Tubing in New Plymouth, New Zealand with local personnel trained to deliver the system.

It is anticipated that, in addition to serving existing markets in and around New Zealand, the partnership will also create a catalyst of growth for both companies in the growing geothermal sector around the region.

Tumeke Thru-Tubing is a specialist well intervention company which aims to increase well productivity and carry out remediation work on mature fields to extend production, and GDI is a technology-based, private company with a focus on data through real-time applications and which prides itself on great customer service.

Commenting on the partnership, Tumeke Thru-Tubing Director Global Operations Daryl Patterson said: “The strength of this collaboration exists not only in the quality of the system we are delivering, but also in the shared passion our organisations have for seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.”

GDI VP of Technical Services Leigh McDiarmid added: “We are excited to be pooling our knowledge and resources with Tumeke Thru-Tubing on this exciting leg of our growth journey and we look forward to the mutual benefits that this partnership will bring to both organisations.”


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